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Can I renew borrowed items on my Library account?

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You can renew all your library items (2-week-loan, 1-week-loan and 3-day-loan ) up to 12 times if no other student has placed a reservation on the item(s). Renewals are not permitted if you have ...... read more

How can I access the E-book collection?

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There are two points of entry to the Library’s eBook collection. You can access and search the eBook collection directly by going to this website and entering your MyAthens log-in ...... read more

What printing facilities are available in the library?

879 views   |   163   162   |   Last updated on Jun 30, 2015    printing

Each computer is connected to a printer. There are four printers in Aungier Street that provide high quality colour and/or black and white prints in A4 and A3. Here is a guide on using the ...... read more

Do you have examples of past assignments or theses?

852 views   |   125   169   |   Last updated on Sep 02, 2015    theses

The library has an emerging collection of past assignments availble on DBS eSource. Also a select number of MBA, MBS, Higher Diploma and third year theses/dissertations are available ...... read more

What log-ins do I need to access the Library's online resources?

744 views   |   152   165   |   Last updated on Sep 16, 2014    electronic resources ebooks

PCs, Moodle and your Library Account (via the Library Catalogue)  Username: student number Password: At the beginning of the year, you will receive an e-mail (using the e-mail address you supplied ...... read more

How do I borrow / return Library items?

713 views   |   166   164   |   Last updated on Jun 30, 2015    return items borrow items

A valid student card is always required when borrowing items. Students can use one of the self issuing stations to borrow/return/renew Library materials. Items to be returned can also be dropped ...... read more

What kind of online materials can I access through the Library website?

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It is possible to search the Library’s online resources from the homepage of the Library Website. The Library Catalogue allows you to search for books and materials held within Aungier Street. The ...... read more

Where is the Library located?

626 views   |   154   165   |   Last updated on Sep 14, 2016    library location

The Library is located in two different sites. The library is located in the Aungier Street Building. The Library Hub is located on the third floor of the Bow Lane Building. Please click here to ...... read more

What computer facilities are available in the library?

617 views   |   135   176   |   Last updated on Apr 28, 2016    computers

There are 12 PCs in the Aungier Street Library. All computers are connected to the Internet. These computers also have software such as Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, Access and Power ...... read more

How do I find a book in the Library?

592 views   |   162   152   |   Last updated on Sep 14, 2016    find books

All books in the Library are arranged by class number (Dewey classification). Class numbers are derived from the subject area of the item and so all books on a certain topic should be located in ...... read more

How many items can I borrow from the Library?

588 views   |   139   177   |   Last updated on Sep 03, 2015    borrow items

Undergraduate students are entitled to borrow up to 8 items at a time. Postgraduate students and staff are entitled to borrow up to 15 items .... read more

How can I print/photocopy in the library?

555 views   |   153   118   |   Last updated on Sep 16, 2014    photocopying printing

Papercut is the Library’s printing and photocopying management system. You must register credit on your print/photocopy account using your personal log-in on the student PCs. You can buy Papercut ...... read more

How can I book a study room in the library?

539 views   |   149   142   |   Last updated on Jul 26, 2013    study room

The Library also provides study rooms where to allow students to collaborate on group projects.  Each student can book a room for 1 hour per day.Groups may reserve a study room for up to three ...... read more

How can I contact the Library?

511 views   |   145   162   |   Last updated on Sep 14, 2016    contact us

You can contact the Library staff by phone, email or via the Library's instant messaging service called ‘DBS Ask a Librarian’ which is available on the Library website. Click here for further ...... read more

As a former student of DBS can I avail of the Library services?

469 views   |   145   133   |   Last updated on May 02, 2013    alumni

As a former student of DBS you can sign up for Alumni membership of the DBS Library. Please see here for membership details.... read more

What photocopying facilities are available in the library?

455 views   |   168   137   |   Last updated on Jun 30, 2015    photocopying

There are four printer/photocopiers at Aungier Street that provide high quality colour and/or black and white photocopies in A4 and A3.... read more

What is the DBS Ask-a-Librarian Service?

451 views   |   153   137   |   Last updated on Mar 26, 2013    ask-a-librarian

The DBS Library online chat service aims to instantly answer queries you may have about library resources, borrowing, information research and any other library related information needs. ...... read more

How can I learn more about using Library resources?

428 views   |   127   143   |   Last updated on Nov 01, 2013    library resources support

There are a variety of ways to learn more about making the most of the Library resources:Library Classes: Subjects covered in the session include Library resources, essay writing skills, avoiding ...... read more

Can I use my laptop in the library?

421 views   |   78   67   |   Last updated on Mar 27, 2013    computers

Students are welcome to use their laptops in the Library. Power points are provided for students to plug in their laptops and the DBS wireless connection is open to all students. The wireless ...... read more

Are there computer labs available for free PC use?

416 views   |   160   137   |   Last updated on May 02, 2013    computers

Yes, there are 10 computer labs in the college:9 in Castle House: on the 2nd floor, CH2.1 / CH2.2 / CH2.9 - on the 3rd floor, CH3.1 / CH3.2 / CH3.3 / CH3.4 - on the 4th floor, CH4.5 and CH4.61 in ...... read more

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