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What computer facilities are available in the library?

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There are 12 PCs in the Aungier Street Library. All computers are connected to the Internet. These computers also have software such as Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, Access and Power Point),  IBM SPSS 22.00 (quantitative research software), QSRNvivo 10 (qualitative research software), SniffyLite – the virtual rat (software program that gives students a virtual laboratory experience),Project Managment Software and Sage Accounts 2013 (business accounting management system). The College also has computer labs in Castle House for students.

There are also 10 computer labs in DBS:

  • 9 in Castle House: on the 2nd floor, CH2.1 / CH2.2 / CH2.9 - on the 3rd floor, CH3.1 / CH3.2 / CH3.3 / CH3.4 - on the 4th floor, CH4.5 and CH4.6
  • 2 in Aungier Street on the 1st floor, AS1.3 and AS1.4
Check outside the doors of these labs to see if a class is scheduled or not, or you can also check the timetable page for each of these labs on DBS student intranet availbale at: